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Topcon CR-G5 Choke Ring Antenna

Topcon CR-G5 Choke Ring Antenna

MANUFACTURER: Topcon Positioning
CATEGORIES: L1 GNSS Antennas, Topcon Positioning

The Topcon CR-G5 Choke Ring Antenna is a highly scalable and robust full wave geodetic antenna.


Product Description


The Topcon CR-G5 Choke Ring Antenna is a ground-breaking choke ring antenna designed and developed based on Topcon’s new TA-5 full-spectrum GNSS antenna component. The new antenna redefines the “full wave” tracking technology by making it better than ever for existing and prospected GNSS signals.

Replacing the CR-G3 antenna, the Topcon CR-G5 Choke Ring Antenna is designed for better signal tracking even at low frequency. It also fulfills requirements of reference networks as well as infrastructure monitoring applications with complete accuracy.


  • High-end geodetic antenna
  • Based on TA-5 full-spectrum GNSS antenna for wave GNSS signal tracking
  • Robust, scalable, and accurate
  • Uses an array of vertical convex dipoles for intuitive GNSS signal tracking
  • Centrally stabilized with respect to expanded GNSS frequency band


Due to its outstanding vertical phase center stability, it perfectly supports and tracks signals including:

  • Low elevation satellite signals
  • GPS
  • Galileo
  • Compass
  • QZSS


The CR-G5 has been tested to ensure that it withstands the harshest environments including snow, dust and water. It received a IPX7 waterproof and IP6X dustproof ratings and it has also proven to withstand 1 metre drops onto concrete. Hence, the Topcon CR-G5 is a perfect choke ring antenna for reference networks and monitoring applications due to its long-term installation design and durability.


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